Can Dental Implants Fall out?

July 29, 2019 0

Dental Implants are well-known for their durability. They’re not supposed to fall out. At Orange Family Dentistry, our dentists first make sure that the patient is the perfect candidate before placing Dental Implants San Diego. Dental Implants are durable, permanent, and require no maintenance. But normal healthy oral hygiene regimen is imperative. There are rare cases where a dental implant loses and falls out. 

Dental Implant does not just fall out due to an abnormal result of dental surgery and procedure. Underlying external cause and installation errors may lead to dental implant failure. 

Two Main Causes of a Loose Dental Implant

If you feel your dental implant is loose or has fallen out, contact your San Diego dentist as soon as possible.  Let’s look at some of the main causes of a dental implant loosening or falling out.

Bone Loss

Bone loss in the jaw even with a dental implant may fail your implant. It is due to the Osseointegration period not being successful. It may also be due to an error in the surgery, recovery process, or simply just your bone not integrating for whatever biological reason. 

This is why our dentist in San Diego thoroughly evaluates the patient for dental implants. Diseases such as diabetes that can impede healing which may also make your dental implants procedure a bit more complicated. It just depends on many factors unique to each patient. 

The failure of dental implants is extremely rare.  If it occurs, it is usually within the first twelve months after the procedure because the bone and implant did not bond for whatever reason.


It is a fancy medical term that forms gum disease. It is mostly associated with dentures. Bacteria and food particles often get trapped in the dentures between the gum and prosthesis. Sometimes it also occurs with dental implants, especially if a patient lack of proper oral care. 

Although Dental Implant does not decay, they still require the same care as your natural teeth. Infections like Peri-Implantitis can spread through the gums and get into the jawbone. If the infection does not treat early on with a better oral hygiene regimen, some antibiotics, and a deep cleaning—saving the implant.

How to correctly identify a Loose Dental Implant

Dental Implant becomes loose before falling out. This sign is advantageous for you so that you can immediately contact your Affordable Dentist San Diego. Dental pain, visible bone loss, bleeding when you touch it, and noticeable discoloration around the implant site are also the signs of dental Implant lose. 

What to do If your Dental Implant has fallen out?

First, don’t panic; most of the patients do not know what to do in this situation, just call your dentist. But in most cases, it does not implant that is fallen out; it may be the abutment or crown. But it is always an ideal option to get to your dentist right away to have it examined.

 Because sometimes it may very well be the implant and if it is, it’s likely due to a failure to integrate with your jawbone.

If you believe your implant or even its part has indeed fallen out—follow this quick guideline immediately after discovering it:

  • Save whatever fell out, and see your dentist
  • Hook up with your dentist ASAP
  • Don’t chew on the side where the implant was fallen
  • Rinse your mouth with the help of mouthwash three time’s day

In most cases, the common reason for an implant apart falls out is failing to follow the dentist’s instructions of a recovery diet comprised of soft foods only until everything fully heals.

Count on us today if you’re considering Dental Implants in San Diego or are having trouble with your existing implants so we can evaluate what options are going to be best for your unique situation.

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