If you suffer from TMJ headaches or migraines then you may know that the pain is arising from your head and neck it may also pinch a hole in your pocket because of heavy medication. Most importantly always remember that medication can only manage symptoms. For proper treatment, you should consult with our TMJ specialist in San Diego, who can get the bottom of the pain and give you a better source of treatment. 

Headache is a major source of discomfort. It rarely indicates the presence of severe disease. Headaches are caused due to various reasons but potentially hundreds of causes behind them. Tension is one of the major causes of a headache but their symptoms are similar to TMJ disorder. June is considered as the headaches and migraines awareness month. At Orange Family Dental, the team of our best dentists in San Diego is striving to give you comfort and relief from TMJ pain. We use cutting edge techniques and treatment for your TMJ pain and headache treatment in San Diego. If you want to know Can TMJ Cause Tension Headaches? Our dentists want you to know that there is a difference between chronic tension headaches and TMD disorders.

Difference between tension and TMJ headaches

Tightening muscles in the head and neck are the major cause of Tension Headaches. It may also trigger eye strain, fatigue, stress, caffeine, and many others. TMD is caused by dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) such as tenderness in the Jaw bone or jaw misalignment, dislocation, arthritis or inflammation. You have a TMJ on either side of your jaw, and these joints connect your jaw to your skull. TMD can be activated by jaw injury, grinding or clenching your teeth, jaw locking, yawning, eating, talking, etc.

TMD Head pain can be alleviated through various TMJ treatments, but chronic tension headaches may require diagnosis and treatment from a neurologist or headache specialist.

TMJ headache symptoms 

TMJ disorder symptoms various Tension Headaches

The symptoms of TMD Headaches and tension headaches overlap, but there are distinct differences between the two. Tension headaches cause a dull pain accompanied by pressure and tenderness in the forehead and scalp areas. While TMJ head pain may involve a dull pain or mimic migraine symptoms such as throbbing pain and dizziness. Common symptoms of TMD pain are:

  • Clicking or popping jaw
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Pain in the jaw or ear area
  • Facial swelling near the TMJ
  • Ear pain or tinnitus
  • Locking Jaw
  • Pain when talking, eating or yawning

TMJ Headache Treatment & Cure:

What to do if you think you have TMJ?

  • Heat you inflammation side of face from a heat pack
  • Ice for others can also be a preferable 
  • Eat soft or blended foods because it allows the jaw to rest temporarily.
  • Jaw Exercises such as slow, gentle jaw exercises may help increase jaw mobility.
  • Relaxation Techniques.

Are you experiencing persistent headaches? It may be due to TMJ disorder. Our neuromuscular or TMJ dentists San Diego can help you find relief and develop an Optimal TMD treatment plan for you.

Feel free to call us to schedule your dental exam today to meet our TMJ specialist in San Diego. Our dentist will welcome you and give you the best possible treatment without blowing your budget.


According to an estimate, 10 million Americans have experienced jaw pain. These pains could also affect surrounding areas of the face. Jaw problems persist more in women. Usually, this pain begins at temporomandibular joint or TMJ, located close to both ears. TMJ joint comprises of muscles, ligament bones, and nerves and these help us to chew food and to speak.

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