Are you worried about your dental Implant and Oral Hygiene?

July 18, 2019 0

Living without teeth is not fun for everyone. The gap between the teeth can take away your confidence. Whether you lost one tooth, whole row of teeth, and something between, with the advanced cosmetic treatment you can easily replace them. Dental Implants made by Dr. Vinh Tran at the San Diego office will support you in a quick restoration of your missing teeth. To learn if you’re the right candidate for Dental Implant then get in touch with our qualified cosmetic dentist in San Diego.

Dental Implants are more prestigious and popular due to their durability and natural appearance. They’ve achieved a high success rate and can last for decades due to their unique construction and ability to integrate with bones. They need care as your natural teeth if you want them to last as long as possible. Daily oral hygiene and semi-annual office cleaning are necessary to keep them in good condition.

There are a few differences to perform hygiene tasks with Dental Implants. Because dental implants are attached to the jaw, as the titanium post is inserted directly into the bone. On the other hand, natural teeth are held in place by the periodontal ligament, a strong connective tissue that lies between the teeth and bone. The periodontal ligament holds the teeth firmly in place while also allowing minute tooth movement in response to changes in the mouth. 

The ligament also has an ample blood supply that assists with fighting infection which may arise in the tooth and supporting gums. Dental implants do not have this extra source of defense. If you do not do regular brushing and flossing infection may arise in the implants and grow quickly and may lead to rapid bone loss that may also cause the implant to fail. 

That’s why it is essential to prevent the buildup of plaque. Because bacteria may give rise to dental disease around the implant and adjacent teeth. Unfortunately, if plaque is building up on your implant surface then consult with your affordable dentist San Diego. They will use special tools made of plastic and resins to avoid scratching the implant surfaces.

For proper care of your Dental Implants, brush your teeth regularly with a soft bristle brush and use mouthwash whenever you like. However, you won’t have to learn new cleaning techniques or add extra steps for Dental cleaning.   So, you can easily keep up your dental hygiene with Dental Implant. The regular brushing will remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth results in much better oral health.

Keeping infection at bay with effective Oral hygiene is crucial to achieving maintenance goals with dental implants. Doing your part along with your regular visit to your Dentist in San Diego will help you get with the bang in your smile.

If you want to get more information about oral hygiene with dental Implant then touch base with us or schedule an appointment with us.

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