Emergency Dentist San Diego: When Do You Need Him

May 6, 2019 0

Holidays are blessing after the hectic busy routine. But sometimes they get quite complicated very quickly especially when there is an event celebration or party. The gathering of families and friends involves the coordination of a lot of schedules with musicians and dancers like precision. Who is going to pick up the guests from the airport? Where is everyone going to stay? We do everything to manage everything properly.  No doubt, in these situations it is essential to plan everything to prevent things go wrong. Just like this dental issues also need proper planning and care. People eat special foods on this type of gathering which may do a number on your teeth. Planning for dental emergencies is also imperative. So, always keep Emergency Dentist San Diego number in your contact list to handle these dental emergencies. This will help you from waiting for your dental appointment.

Here, are some emergency tips that will help you to what to do in the case when you hurt your mouth.

Facial Swelling

First, determine the reason why your face is swollen. Knowing the cause make it easier to address the issue. It also helps you to call an emergency dentist or a doctor. If the facial swelling is due to dental infection, do not wait to feel pain, immediately call a dentist. If you feel pain late at night, call the 24-hour emergency dentist so that he can determine the nature of swelling if it involves teeth and gums.

In the meantime, remain calm and rinse your mouth with warm water and salt. Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of fluids and try to reduce swelling by applying a hot or cold compress.

Tooth Fracture

If your tooth is fractured in an accident or while playing sports, make an appointment with your Emergency Dentist immediately. While waiting for your appointment with your emergency dentist take pain relievers if fracture causes discomfort. Avoid too hot or cold foods and drinks since your damage teeth may become too much sensitive. Do not eat hard or crunchy food, as this can make the damage worse.

Our 24-hour dentist can provide treatment to this dental problem depending on the severity of the fracture. If you’ve chipped or cracked teeth, a filling may smoother out your teeth and crown is the best option for your fractured tooth. Crown San Diego can protect the remaining part of teeth and inner structure including nerves and pulp. It also provides an aesthetic look to your damaged tooth.

Knocked out a Tooth

If your tooth knocked out completely then try to save your tooth. Clean your tooth with freshwater and kept it in a container of water or milk. Do not pick the tooth from root always kept it from the crown or did not touch the part of the tooth that supposedly unexposed and inside the socket. Immediately make an appointment with your 24-hour emergency dentist San Diego is the key to re-implant your tooth in the socket.

You can try to put back the teeth inside the socket but do not re-attach it forcefully. Because forceful handling may damage the nerve root, nerve vessels, and other surrounding tissue and prevent the dentist from saving your tooth. If you have placed your tooth successfully in the socket, then chew on that side on wet gauze or wet tea bag. Do not bite on the dislodged tooth too hard that it may damage your root nerve. The dentist may recommend that you may undergo root canal treatment, but if the tooth is placed perfectly then, you may not need any further treatment.

Arm yourself with our emergency dentist San Diego hotline number (619)280-4861 so that your dental issues are promptly addressed. At Orange Family Dental, our 24-hour dentist San Diego will give you professional care as you need as soon as possible.

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