Gum Diseases : How Affect Your Overall Health?

April 26, 2019 0

Sticky bacterial plaque on your teeth and inflamed gums do more than affect your oral health. Gum diseases can happen virtually to people of every age. Some individual experience gingivitis which can be harmful if not treated instantly and some experienced periodontal disease which is severe gum disease. Bacteria and other inflammation in your oral cavity are also linked to many other health problems like dementia, heart attack, diabetes, and it may also jeopardize your overall health.

When you eat or drink beverage, sugary food, coffee it comes in contact directly with your teeth and form plaque constantly. Plaque is the layer of germs or bacteria that directly damage the teeth enamel. Plaque is too much sticky and produces acid in teeth enamel which may lead to teeth decaying over time. It may also cause inflammation in your gum or make your gum bleed this stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. If it is left untreated, it may lead to periodontal disease it may destroy the underlying bone of your supporting teeth. A regular checkup from Periodontist can prevent your teeth from long-lasting damage.

Research has shown that gum diseases have a strong correlation with other health problems. While the exact relationship is somewhat unclear, experts assume that this connection stems from the fact that periodontal disease is an active bacterial infection that can potentially spread and can cause severe health issues.

Gum diseases can lead to heart attack

Over the year research, and studies found that periodontal diseases can lead to severe heart diseases in otherwise individual health. While the scientist is still struggling to find the exact cause of periodontal and cardiac disease. Inflammation in the gum may be responsible for the correlation of heart diseases. Patients with a pre-existing heart condition can be in more danger of further cardiac problems after developing gum diseases. Consult with your reliable Best dentist for the gum disease treatment.

Periodontal Disease can lead to a stroke

Scientific research has found an association between periodontal disease and suffering a stroke. While the relationship similar to heart disease is currently un-cleared. People who suffer a stroke were more likely to have an oral infection than those who’re not a victim of a stroke.

Diabetes and Gum diseases

People with diabetes are more susceptible to gum diseases. Patients of diabetes have elevated blood sugar level which makes harder for the immune system to fight with the bacteria in your gum line. Diabetic patients are more likely to have gum diseases than those who do not have. Periodontal disease can lead to severe difficulties for diabetic patients to control blood sugar level. Because severe gum disease can increase blood sugar levels. Regular Gum Disease Treatment San Diego is essential for the prevention of this problem.

Bacteria from gum disease can cause Respiratory disease

When you’ve got gum disease, it means your mouth is a lovely place for bacteria. These destructive bacteria not only affect your oral health but it can be sucked down in the lungs and cause dangerous respiratory disease.

For the prevention of these diseases practice good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly. If you think you’ve got a Gum Disease in San Diego, our periodontist give you a comprehensive exam and recommend a course of treatment to reduce your gum inflammation and improve the health of your smile. To find out more about the state-of-art invasive, minimal periodontal services contact us today at (619)280-4861.

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