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More than half of the global population suffers from gum diseases. Gum disease is the inflammation or infection in the tissues that support and surrounds your teeth. Gum tissues help to hold teeth in their place. When it comes to oral health, not many people take good care of their teeth. Poor hygiene of teeth can lead to gum infections, which can be very painful in cases. These infections can result in red, swollen or bleeding gums, bad breath, overgrown gums or loose teeth.

Several kinds of treatments are present with the primary objective of putting an end to germs and remove the infection, depending on the stage of your gum infection. Laser gum surgery and traditional gum surgery are the two main kinds of treatments of gum surgeries. To select the best possible option, you must understand the key difference between these two surgical procedures.


Traditional gum surgery:

Traditional gum surgery is followed by cutting and pushing the back of gums to reach the tooth root. A scalpel is used for stripping back the gum tissue, giving better access to the periodontal pockets. The gums are then chopped down and structured to diminish pocket profundity. This causes a stylish change in your gum line. Once the gums have been removed, the reattachment of gums to the tooth’s root surface is performed through bone or tissue joining.

Dentists performing this surgical procedure must warn patients about the higher risk of tooth cavities as a result of the treatment.


Laser gum surgery:

Laser gum surgery is a practical alternative for treating gum diseases with less pain and faster healing. This technique does not need any scalpel or sutures. A laser can recognize the healthy and infected tissues, leaving the good tissues unaffected. This makes the laser surgery method particularly specific and safe. After the removal of infected tissues, roots become exposed. An ultrasonic root cleaner is used for the removal of calculus instead of using a scalpel or any hand tool.

The laser used to surgically treat the gum diseases is specially designed to remove infections with minimum cuts and no stitches. The laser gum surgery can likewise be utilized to reclassify complicated aesthetic gum contours to improve the grin or decrease the hyper-plastic development of the tissue.

This periodontal laser therapy allows the patients to recover faster as never before. The traditional surgery method, at least, needs three to four weeks for a patient to recover fully. On the other hand, the gum laser surgical method allows patients to get back to their healthy life within a day after the surgery.


What makes laser therapy a better option than the traditional surgical method? 

  1. Pain:

Traditional surgery is a painful procedure as it is followed by cutting and suturing of gums. In this case, laser surgery is a better option as it does not need any cuts and stitches and rarely requires post-operative pain medications.

  1. Optimization:

The wavelengths of the laser can be adjusted as per the patient’s infection level. It helps the doctor to provide a treatment that Is developed explicitly for individual patients and their long-drawn requirements. The laser does not cause any root exposure and only removes infected tissues preserving the natural appearance of the patient’s smile.


  1. Anesthesia:

The significant difference between these two treatments is that the amount of anesthesia required in traditional surgery is quite high. In laser surgery, it is practically very less or not at all, and only Local anesthesia can be given to numb the area being treated.


  1. Invasiveness:

Sometimes healthier tissues are also removed during traditional surgery treatment causing significant changes in the patients to smile. Laser gum surgery technique is not that invasive as the laser targets explicitly the infected tissues preserving the healthier tissues and natural appearance of patients smile.


  1. Risk of bacterial infection:

The risk of tooth cavities and bacterial infections is higher in traditional surgery due to increased exposure of roots. While laser kills all the harmful bacteria’s and infected tissues preserving only the healthier ones.


Deciding between traditional and laser surgical method is very important for patients in need of periodontal surgery. Laser treatment can be the best option for many people. However, it may not be suitable for anyone. If you need any services related to laser gum surgery in San Diego, feel free to call us and schedule a consultation. Orange Family Dental can be the ultimate solution to your periodontal problems.

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