Implications and impacts of Laser Dentistry

November 16, 2019 0

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser Dentistry is an advanced and innovative type of dental care. It is a minimally invasive treatment option for various dental procedures. Laser treatment involves removal and alters of hard or soft tissue compared to other non-laser tools. The dentist used laser dentistry to remove tooth decay, hypersensitivity, gum disease, biopsy. Furthermore, it may also apply to expose wisdom tooth and to speed up teeth whitening procedures.


All lasers work by creating light energy in the form of a narrow and focused beam. It produces a reaction when used for surgical processes and dental procedures. The laser light acts as a cutting instrument when it comes to contact with tissues. In the Laser teeth whitening process, the Laser act as a heat source. That is used to intensify the effect of bleaching agents on your teeth.


Laser dentistry procedures mainly used in hard tissues and soft tissue treatment. Hard tissues belong to teeth, and soft tissues refer to gums.

Hard tissue procedures include:

Cavity Detection: it helps to detect cavity or tooth decay earlier.

Tooth preparation and dental fillings: Anesthesia and traditional drills are not required in laser treatments. The Laser can help in the long-term health of teeth by killing bacteria in the cavity.

Tooth sensitivity treatment: Dental Laser seals the tubules on the tooth root’s to give you relief from tooth sensitivity.

Soft tissue procedures involve:

Treating a gummy smile: The patients in which gum length covers much of the tooth, the Laser is used to reshape the gum tissue.

Crown lengthening: In this procedure, the dentist reshapes both bones and gums tissues for a healthier oral structure.

Removing soft tissue fold: Laser is also used to remove soft tissue folds from ill-fitted dentures. It also helps to reshape the gum to create a more pleasing smile.

Other laser procedures include viewing tissues, removing benign tumors, treating obstructive sleep apnea. Further, it also helps in nerve regeneration, TMJ treatment, and speed up teeth whitening session.

What are the pros and cons of laser dentistry?


  • In some instances, the Laser causes less pain, thus reduces the need for anesthesia.
  • It is a remarkable treatment for patients, uncomfortable with the use of dental drills and sutures.
  • The Laser sterilizes the gums, thus reduces the chances of bacterial infection.
  • The Laser promotes blood clotting to minimize bleeding and swelling
  • The Laser helps to preserve healthier teeth during cavity removal.


  • Lasers are not beneficial for the teeth, which already have fillings such as metal amalgam.
  • Laser treatment is also not useful to fill cavities located between teeth, and it doesn’t help to prepare large cavities for a crown.
  • Lasers also not allow you to remove defective crowns or prepare teeth for bridges.
  • In laser treatment, traditional drills are still sometimes needed to shape and polish the filling and to adjust the bite.
  • Some Laser treatment may still require anesthesia.



Are you seeking a skilled dentist? We advise that you hook up with a professional, qualified, and experienced dentist to get quality treatment. Always look for a licensed and certified dentist who has taken educational courses and received the appropriate training.

You can also take recommendations from your insurance provider. Moreover, ask friends and family who have had positive laser dentistry experiences in San Diego. Websites with reviews and rating systems will also help you to choose the best. However, it is crucial to find whether the raters are giving unbiased opinions or not.

Feel free to call us to make an appointment with our competent dentist. We are a team of experts who are skilled in efficiently operating dental technology.

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