In which cases is tooth extraction inevitable?

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The removal of teeth sounds daunting and scary. But modern techniques have made the Tooth extraction process comfortable. Although, in most cases, dentists prefer to preserve natural teeth by treating them as best as possible. But sometimes it becomes necessary to resort to tooth extraction. If you’ve critically damage teeth, it is necessary to consult a dentist. He’ll evaluate your oral health and guide you if an extraction is needed. Yet, here are some cases that figure out where the teeth removal is, unfortunately, inevitable.

Tooth Decay

If a cavity is not treated as soon as it appears, your oral health may go down the drain. It’s possible that it evolves and spreads in places incredible to access. And the dentist may unable to treat them in the usual way. In this case, extraction is sometimes the only treatment option.

Periodontal disease

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissues that damages the bone to which the tooth is attached. It is due to poor oral hygiene that causes plaque and tartar build-up. Eventually, it leads to damage to the bone. Your tooth may fall out if you ‘ve damaged gums and bones. This disease is irreversible because the bone cannot regenerate. That’s why it is imperative to observe specific preventive measures and to reserve good oral hygiene. To avoid periodontics, it’s vital to check and care about the periodontist regularly.

Additionally, brushing twice a day, using dental floss daily, and avoid any acidic food. Keep in mind that smokers are more likely to develop such diseases. If the stage of periodontitis is too advanced, it will sometimes be necessary to extract the tooth. Remember that the risks of having a periodontitis increase with age.

The lack of dental space

It’s quite common that a lack of dental space will disrupt your teeth alignment. Though, almost everyone is concerned at least once to this problem. Especially at the time when the wisdom teeth grow. Wisdom teeth are molars that grow deep in the mouth, behind other teeth, towards the beginning of adulthood.

Through surgical extraction, in most cases, these four teeth are removed. Often, these teeth are extracted for lack of space to let them grow. It is always risky to leave wisdom teeth as the wisdom tooth may move the other teeth and disrupt the proper alignment of the dentition. In this case, it’s better to remove the wisdom teeth to avoid having to resort to care orthodontic. During giving the positioning of the teeth at the very bottom of the mouth, their location makes maintenance more difficult. Therefore it may increase the risk of teeth decay. It may also cause infections or small gum inflammations at this point.

So, dental extraction is vital when there is a lack of space in the mouth. But orthodontic care is always an ideal option for such type of cases. Because extracting a tooth can cause oral imbalance. All teeth are, of course, also necessary for proper chewing of food, so it is better to keep them all.

Restorative Dentistry to replace Wisdom Teeth

It’s not crucial to replace wisdom teeth for orthodontics. On the other hand, if you’ve damaged or infected tooth, then extraction is the only best option. After the removal of the tooth, your dentist will also make a restorative plan to restore your smile. Bridges are an ace option for the replacement to replace a tooth or several teeth in a row. The dentist may recommend dentures, veneers, and dental implants for full mouth restoration.

In most cases, dentists prefer to avoid tooth extraction, except wisdom teeth. The dental surgeon usually extracts these teeth with the help of small surgery. Anyway, good dental hygiene and regular checkup at the dentist is the best way to avoid problems.

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