Laser Gum Surgery vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

December 2, 2019 0

Did you know 85 per cent of US adults are suffering from gum disease and in need of periodontal surgery? There are a variety of treatments available, all with a common goal: removing the infection, killing the germs, and closing up the pockets. The choice between laser and traditional treatments is essential. But the first recommendation for periodontal disease, at early stages, is usually deep cleaning of the patient’s teeth. Later, to select the best option, it is critical to understand the key differences between LANAP® and traditional procedures.

Key Differences Between Traditional and LANAP® Gum Surgery

In traditional or regular periodontal surgery, the dentist uses a scalpel to cut and push back the gums. Purpose of this process is to access the tooth root for deep cleaning, bone shaping, and stitching the patient’s gums back together at a lower level. The dentist may cut down the gums to decrease pocket depth. In this procedure, scalpel surgery carries risks. So, a surgeon must inform the patient of risks associated with traditional surgery, such as the necessity to remove “hopeless” teeth, infections, postoperative pain, and the exposure of the tooth root that can lead to sensitivity to hot, cold, spicy foods or liquids.

On the other hand, LANAP® does not require sutures or scalpel, making it minimally invasive with little discomfort or pain. Because LANAP® is advanced and does not require the cutting of gums, there is neither aesthetic alteration of your smile nor little to no gum line recession. The laser can distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue, removes diseased tissue and leaving healthy tissue unaffected. Moreover, the laser kills all living bacteria without compromising healthy tooth, gum, and bone tissue. This makes the procedure exceptionally safe.


Traditional surgery can be excruciating. Whereas, LANAP® treatment causes considerably less discomfort.

Recovery time:

The recovery time of patients undergone through Laser procedure is comparatively less than those who went through traditional surgery. LANAP® doesn’t require surgical cutting and can heal rapidly.


LANAP® is less invasive, whereas, in traditional periodontal surgery, the patient’s gum line is reduced to decrease pocket depth. The sensitivity to hot and cold food is high in conventional surgery, hence, causing the patient discomfort while drinking or eating.

Long-term results:

LANAP® treatment results are long-lasting and much more predictable in terms of tissue attachment and bone regeneration.

Consult Your Dentist What’s Right for You

Laser treatment is an excellent option for patients suffering from gum disease; however, it may not be suited every time. We, at Orange Family Dental as LANAP®, Certified dentists, have years of experience in the field and committed to staying abreast of modern technology. We understand that cutting-edge science is constantly refining dental technology. So, our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible safe dental treatment, meeting the highest standards of care.

If you’re suffering from gum disease and looking for the best laser gum surgery in San Diego, please call us to schedule an appointment and find out if LANAP® is the right solution to achieving optimal periodontal health!

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