Laser gum treatment; a perfect alternative to gum surgery

December 2, 2019 0

As important as gum surgery might be, it’s frequently agonizing, weakening, and extensive. However, treating your gums with the laser can be a superior alternative. No disease is good and should be treated on time. Gum diseases can be treated in their early stages with proper oral hygiene, brushing and flossing, maintaining oral cleanliness. While severe gum diseases need more extensive treatment.

What are gum diseases?

Gum diseases can be dreadful if neglected. When mild gum disease is treated properly, then it can be cured on time. Gingivitis is an early condition of gum disease which can become periodontitis (a severe form of gum disease) if left untreated. Severe gum diseases occur when oral hygiene is not maintained for a long time. It can result in the development of pockets between gums and teeth, eventually causing tooth loss.

Treating gum diseases with lasers:

Gum diseases can be dangerous and have a severe effect on your overall health. In laser therapy, lasers are used in treating gum diseases instead of performing long surgical procedures. The primary purpose of treating gums with lasers is to provide a less invasive and cost-effective treatment. This procedure is gentler on your body as compared to traditional surgery patterns.

  • In laser treatments, highly intensive medical lasers are used for treating disease instead of cutting or suturing of gums. Peccant gum tissues are removed without harming the healthier tissues. It is an authentic pathway to achieve strong connective tissue attachment and new root cementum.
  • Laser therapy is upheld by a profundity of logical research. All kinds of gum diseases, from mild to a severe level, can be treated with lasers without any complications. However, the occurrence of error is more likely to happen in gum surgeries, which may lead to other future complications.

Scaling and root planning:

Scaling and root planning are a surgical procedure followed by the cutting of gums to access the tooth roots and tissues below the gum line. This step is undergone to remove tartar and plaque from the gum line. It is a crucial part of gum surgery and cannot be undergone without cutting gums and sutures.

How are lasers better than surgery?

Laser gum treatments are better than gum surgeries in many ways.

  • Sealing pocket and healthy tissue growth:

Lasers are used to clean the pockets and seal the end, leaving no space for bacteria and germs to enter. Lasers remove only affected tissues and promote healthy tissue growth afterwards.

  • Less invasive and more comfortable:

The insignificantly invasive nature of the treatment makes it more secure for patients with bleeding issues and other wellbeing concerns, providing more comfort during and after the procedure.

  • Cost-effective:

Laser therapy is a cost-effective treatment and is a better solution than traditional gum surgeries. It saves your natural teeth and costs very less than dental implants.

  • Faster treatment:

There is no need to schedule multiple appointments over weeks for getting laser gum therapy. It is a quite faster treatment than traditional periodontal gum surgical procedures.

  • Minimal blood loss and no anaesthesia required:

Lasers seal the nerve endings and blood vessels, causing minimal blood loss during treatment. No anaesthetic (sleeping) is needed in laser therapy, and the patient can be treated with local anaesthesia (numbing).

  • Sutureless treatment with faster healing time:

Laser therapy doesn’t require cutting of gums, which is an essential part of gum surgeries. With no cutting, lasers remove the need for stitches. Because of no cutting or suturing, the recovery tie is comparatively shorter than traditional gum surgeries.

Orange family dental offers comfortable and convenient therapeutics for patients needing gum treatment. While deciding the best course of treatment for your case, our dental experts make sure to talk about the pros and cons of all accessible treatment options. We’d be thrilled to help if you want to know whether it’s ideal for you. Contact us and get your appointment scheduled to avail of our laser gum treatment services in San Diego.

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