Looking For a Tooth Extraction? Take care of its implications

November 21, 2019 0

Even though our dentists try hard to conserve and preserve our natural teeth by a root canal, filling, or any other treatment. But sometimes, it is too late to protect it, and as a result, the tooth needs to be taken out.

Major Reasons for Pulling Teeth

A crowded mouth

Sometimes the dentists need to pull your teeth to prepare your mouth for orthodontia–––that will properly align the teeth, if they are too big, and which may not be possible otherwise.


If tooth decay extends to the pulp, there are chances bacteria inside your mouth can enter the pulp too, hence, leading to severe infection. A root canal can be done to cure it, but if the infection is critical–– RCT does not cure it, and extraction will become compulsory to prevent the spread of infection.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

If an infection of the bones and tissues that surround the teeth spread and have caused loosening of the teeth, the dentist may need to pull the teeth out.

Two Different Types of Tooth Extraction

Simple Extraction

If an issue is visibly seen in the mouth, the dentist goes for simple tooth extraction. They use an instrument named ‘elevator’ to loosen up the teeth and then uses ‘forceps’ to remove the teeth from the jaw.

Surgical Extraction

As the name sounds, surgical extraction is a more complicated procedure done on patients who have premature teeth or that have broken off at the gum line or that haven’t yet appeared outside. Minor complications may occur while performing the surgery, but before extracting the tooth, your oral surgeon will give you an injection (local anaesthetic) to numb that affected part.

Moreover, in some severe circumstances, your dentist may give you a robust general anaesthetic to make you sleep through the procedure and to prevent pain afterward.

Post-Surgical Risks/Temporary side-effects

There are several risks and complications associated with the tooth extraction. Apart from pain, bruising, inflammation, bleeding, and infection, other post-surgical risks include:

·        Improper Teeth Alignment

·        Bite Collapse

·        Delayed Healing Due to Medications

·        Osteoradionecrosis

·        Dry Socket (Osteitis)

·        Nerve Injury

·        Maxillary Sinus Exposure


How to Choose the Best Oral Surgeon?

The dentist performing the tooth extraction should be able to evaluate whether you need a simple or surgical removal. And before undergoing the treatment, you must learn about the dentist’s qualification and experience in the field, which can be established by communicating with him effectively.

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