Protecting your Child’s Teeth during Sports

June 21, 2019 1

No doubt sport increases the likelihood of children to stay active and socialize with their peer. It allows them to sleep better and keep them mentally sharp. Sports and games help kids to learn how to work as a team and solve the conflict. However, sports increase the risk of injuries, which are the leading cause of disabilities for young children.

At Orange Family Dentistry, which is the best children choice pediatric dental care in San Diego, we love to see kid’s patient who loves sports. Hmmm! Physical activities keep them fit and maintain healthy growth. So, due to the fear of injury don’t stop your child from playing.

Let’s talk about the children playing sports and how can we protect them from injury in the mouth. It is a crucial ace topic. Kids are pretty active and like to play the game, run, jump, skate, roll, an assortment of many other activities. In these lot of activities, their teeth are at significant risk of injury and trauma. The general cost of fixing missing teeth is more expensive than prevention. According to the American Dental Association, sport-related injuries make 13-39% of the dental avulsion and luxation every year. That’s why our San Diego Pediatric dentist recommends wearing a mouth guard for any sports.

It`s essential to save teeth from proper equipment and safety measures to prevent the significant loss. The mouth guard is the way to preserve and protect the teeth. Yes, Mouth guard protect your teeth from injuries in sports and other activities. National youth sports safety foundation revealed that a child without a mouth guard is 60 times more likely to suffer from sports injuries.

Mouth guards are a plastic dental appliance that worn over the teeth to protect oral injuries to the teeth, mouth, jaw, cheeks, lips, and tongue. Sports equipment can be expensive, but mouth guard is an affordable piece of protective equipment that protects your toddler from tooth injuries, loss, and chipped. Surveillance studies have shown that mouth guards offer significant protection against sports-related injuries. Yeah! The mouth guard is mandatory in sports collision like football, hockey or boxing where the risk of injuries is higher.

Types of Mouth Guard

There’re three types of the mouth guard.

  1. Pre-made mouth guard
  2. The “boil and bite” fitted mouth guard
  3. Custom-made mouth guard

While choosing a mouth guard, be sure, choosing the one that is tear-resistant, well-fitted, comfortable, and easy to clean. Pre-made mouth guard and “boil and bite” mouth guard can be purchased from sports stores. However, buy those that have the American Dental Association Seal.

Pediatric dentists mostly recommend the custom-made mouth guard. Orthodontics specially design these mouth guard to provide optimal protection against oral injuries. Our Pediatric Dentist San Diego, CA also offer custom-made mouth guard for your adolescence at an affordable price.

At Orange Family Dentistry, our friendly and cooperative team of dental professionals treats children every single day, and we are aware of the unique needs of teenagers who participate in athletic programs. A regular dental visit at pediatric dentistry San Diego can ensure your children’s gums and teeth are in good health.

We can offer you and your child the necessary guidance and advice to preserve their charming smile and prevent injury during strenuous physical activities. San Diego dentists at our practice can perform a preventive checkup and cleaning. In the case of an accident or sheer dental pain, we may be able to perform restorative dental work and surgery. Our pediatric dentist’s team is aware that many kids become anxious even after listening to the name of the dentist, That’s why we work to create an anxiety-free dental environment.

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