Replacing Lost Teeth: Why important?

May 10, 2019 0

Our body parts are the blessing of God; keeping them healthy is essential to spend a happy life. If any of the body parts are damaged, broken, or injured then it may affect our overall fitness. As eyes help to see the wonders of the world and ear helps to see the different sounds the same like teeth are also essential to enjoy the taste of life. A single lost or damage to the tooth can distress our daily life. It can also affect your appearance, self-esteem, oral health, and even your general health.

The primary aim of cosmetic dentistry is for each patient to keep all his teeth intact for the entire lifetime. At Orange Family Dental, our cosmetic dentists are striving to provide you with a healthy, charming, and confident smile.

For those individuals who are having the missing teeth experience, a negative effect on their overall health and quality of life. No one wants to live their life with missing teeth. Missing teeth not only affects your self-confidence but also hinder you from being able to smile openly.

Why do people lose their teeth?

One of the most common reasons is age because as we grow older, the strength of the teeth and the ability of jawbone to maintain the current position of your teeth is weakened. As a result, the teeth become fragile and are lost over time. Some of the other causes of teeth loss are mentioned below:

  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities
  • Periodontal disease
  • Improper care of teeth
  • Sports injuries, accidents, and trauma that has been sustained to the mouth.

Significance of Replacing lost teeth

Regardless of age, it is imperative for everyone to replace their missing teeth as soon as possible. Your teeth play an essential role in many vital functions like your influence and communication with the digestive system.

Digestive System:

Teeth are the first step in the digestive system. Teeth make us able to grind, chew, and bite food. Unfortunately, if you lost your teeth, then your mouth will be unable to do all these functions effectively. With a lack of tooth, it often becomes difficult to consume nutritional food and may also affect your stomach.


Teeth also play an important role in your ability to communicate and speak. Teeth are used to pronounce appropriately, offset certain words, and form specific patterns of speech. So, the individual who have missing teeth often find challenging in enunciating correctly.

Best Options for teeth replacement

If you have missing teeth at cosmetic dentistry, we offer the best options well suited to your needs.  Teeth replacement is something you need to do at your earliest convenience. The longer you wait to replace your missing teeth, the more severe problems become and you have to prepare for consequences.

Dental implants

Among all the options available in our Family Dentistry, most find dental implant best choice for tooth replacement. Because dental implant requires both the crown and the tooth root to be replaced. Dental implants are surgical components that are placed on your jawbone to hold the replacement tooth. It also helps to prevent further bone loss.


Bridges are the second popular option for the replacement of the tooth. They’re fixed dental restoration that held in your place by attaching to your neighboring healthy teeth. Bridges are composed of different material but our dental implants prefer natural-looking ceramic bridges to replace your tooth.

If you’ve lost a tooth or multiple teeth, Our San Diego dentist provides you with the best available options for tooth replacement. An investment now on your teeth will prevent you from further severe problems. We encourage you to contact our Orange Family Dentistry San Diego dental office to schedule a consultation we can discuss the best option for you! Call us at (619)280-4861.

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