Root Canal Therapy in San Diego

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The majority of the people would shun the idea of having oral or dental treatment including root canal therapy. We should instinctively protect and take care of our face because it is one of the most sensitive parts of our body.

Have you ever heard about horror stories from your parents or relatives, when you ask about their opinion on root canal therapy? Have you heard their displeased opinion on root canal treatment? Have you ever had a traumatic experience in the dental chair once in a lifetime? If you are around 35 to 40 years old, you would most probably answer “yes” for at least one of those questions.

Root Canal Therapy in San Diego, CA

Root canal treatment for infected teeth is hundreds of years old procedure. In the past, endodontist used to remove the decayed teeth and pulp chamber while sometimes leaving the root canal completely exposed. Just like medicine, dentistry evolves as time goes by. It drastically improves itself in terms of advancement in technology because of the development of new methodologies.

Today root canal therapy is pretty comfortable and helps patients improve their dental problems. The goal of root canal therapy is to stop tooth decay and minimize any damage to the tooth and the underlying bone.

When you might need a Root Canal Therapy?

If you are experiencing significant discomfort while chewing or biting down, or if you have a very sensitive or infected tooth, it is quite probable that you are a candidate for root canal treatment.

The Dentist can help you remove the infected portion and prevent the teeth from infections. If you have small cavities, it can be drilled and filled, but large cavities may require a dental crown to restore teeth, as it cannot hold the filling. An endodontist usually recommends this procedure when patients experience severe pain. The procedure is designed to alleviate the pain without any tooth extraction.

What is the procedure of Root Canal Treatment?

Each tooth consists of a crown and root. In the dental filling procedure, only the decayed part of the crown is drilled out. While in the root canal procedure, drilling goes beyond the crown and into the root including the nerve. After removing lymph vessels, the inside contents are cleansed with a chemical solution. The medicated filling seals the empty space and the tooth remains intact. The remaining teeth are fitted with a dental crown to transform teeth into its original shape and structure. In most cases, the whole process is completed in one or two visits.

Root Canal Therapy in San Diego, CA

What are the risks and benefits of Root Canal Therapy?

Before starting the root canal treatment, it is essential to understand the risks and benefits of the procedure.

If you don`t want to go for a root canal as most people fear as they’ve heard in a grapevine about this procedure—Get ready to lose the teeth. It may not happen tomorrow or several months from now but will happen. The infection continues to weaken your entire tooth and when it does, simple tooth extraction will be impossible. Along with the fact that the procedure will take a long tie and may create more trauma to gum tissues.

With the help of root canal therapy, your damaged tooth is repaired before it may weaken the tooth further so this treatment ensures that your tooth looks like a healthy one. Contact us at (619)280-4861 to get more information about tooth decay treatment and root canal therapy in San Diego.

At Orange Family Dentistry, our experienced endodontists offer reliable and low-cost root canal treatment in San Diego, CA.

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