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Teeth Whitening

Let your teeth illuminate through our professional teeth whitening services. No matter how your teeth are darkened or stained, we will fix it like a Hollywood smile.

Teeth Whitening

Let your teeth illuminate through our professional teeth whitening services. No matter how your teeth are darkened or stained, we will fix it like a Hollywood smile.
Your teeth will naturally darken over time. Extrinsic factors such as tea, coffee, wine, soda or tobacco will serve to expedite the discoloration process. Fortunately, San Diego professional dentists at Orange Family Dentistry can help you eliminate blotchy, blemished, yellow-tinted teeth through safe and effective methods.

Orange Family Dentistry is the best teeth whitening center, features state of the art technologies that are safe and affordable in San Diego. We offer cheap teeth whitening through laser and bleaching. Our professional provides effective teeth whitening treatment that is guaranteed to get you a quick result in about 1 hour, but it is not a one-time procedure.

Teeth whitening in San Diego, CA is the most popular dental procedure, which can undermine the risks that are often associated with the process. For example, if the process is executed incorrectly, tooth sensitivity, tissue and gum irritation or even chemical burns can be sustained.

Don’t rely on any unprofessional dentist for your teeth. Give your trust to expert dentists and technicians at Orange Family Dentistry. We’ll help you achieve your desired results safely without any sensitivity.

What is Teeth Whitening?

It’s a procedure to lighten the teeth that were stained and discolored. It is the restoration of the natural shade of the teeth or beyond the natural color. It is a commonly performed procedure that greatly enhances look of the teeth. Whitening, however, is not a one-time procedure. The procedure will be repeatedly performed in order to maintain the brighter shade.

When is Teeth Whitening recommended?

The enamel develops a coating (pellicle) and is stained with pores holding the stains. This coating produces discoloration. There is also an ‘intrinsic’ discoloration which is a change in thickness of the enamel that produces a stained look. Aging and trauma can also change the color of teeth. Teeth whitening is mostly used for ‘extrinsic’ stains.

What’s the Procedure of Teeth Whitening?

The procedures of teeth whitening are of two types. Vital Tooth Whitening, which is performed on the patient with live nerves. And Non-Vital Tooth Whitening, which is performed on a patient with nerves that are no longer live.

For Vital Whitening, the dentist has various options and he applies a protective substance for the gum around the teeth. Then a hydrogen peroxide gel is used on the teeth’s surface, and a special light is shown to start the bleaching process. Our Cosmetic Dental Consultant will decide whether one sitting is enough or are more settings required.

This procedure can be recommended for home use as well. The dentist would take an impression of your teeth and make customized mouthpieces. A special gel is to be put in the mouthpiece and patient would then wear the apparatus for several hours till the teeth start to turn white. Over the counter mouthpieces and strips are also available along with whitening toothpastes.

For Non-Vital whitening, the dentist puts a whitening agent within the teeth and then temporarily fills the enamel. The teeth are then left for several days. This procedure can be repeated once or twice depending upon the judgment of your dentist. To maintain the brighter and long-lasting effect patients have to continue this teeth whitening process each day at home.

In Orange Family Dentistry, our several professional bleaching procedures have the option of at-home teeth whitening. Whether you prefer to zoom your smile health in your home or you would like to boost the effect of your smile in our San Diego office Teeth whitening procedure, we can help you find the right technique for your needs and goals.

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