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Laser Dentistry San Diego

Laser Dentistry is an advanced periodontal disease treatment, eradicating disease, without the need for more invasive surgical procedures.

Laser Dentistry San Diego

Laser Gum Dentistry is an advanced periodontal disease treatment, eradicating disease, without the need for more invasive surgical procedures. Laser gum therapy is revolutionizing non-surgical gum disease treatment, eradicating disease-causing bacteria. As a dignified dentist in San Diego, Dr. Tran has significant expertise in laser dentistry. He is striving to prevent disease-related tooth loss in men and women.

Scope of Laser Gum Treatment in San Diego?

Also known as laser periodontal therapy or LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure), laser gum therapy is an advanced treatment of moderate to severe gum disease (periodontal disease or periodontitis). The precise control afforded by laser dentistry enables dentists to treat gum disease and eradicate disease-causing bacteria without the need for more invasive use of scalpels and other instruments and no stitches, mean easy recovery with minimal bleeding. Gum disease is the common cause of tooth loss among adults in the U.S., and laser gum therapy is less painful and more comfortable alternative to conventional techniques.

Orange Family Dentistry is the home of leading-edge dentistry, offers advanced treatment of gum disease through LANAP in San Diego. Our Periodontists offers the best Laser gum disease treatment at a cheap rate.

What Happens During a Laser Gum Surgery?

The first recommendation for the treatment of periodontal disease is the deep cleaning of all of your teeth. After numbing the gum, using a local or topical agent to reduce discomfort, the hygienist cleans the root surfaces below gum lines. A very tiny tip is used to insert beams of laser energy in the infected pocket to remove infected tissue and kills bad germs. In laser gum surgery, ultrasonic root cleaner is used to remove tartar or calculus or plaque that provides an ideal hiding spot for bacteria. Heat energy of the laser is used to warm the stem cell, preserving healthy tissue and reducing or eliminate bleeding, so sutures are not necessary. After completion of the treatment process, the healthy gum tissue will have the hygienic environment, which aids tissues to reattach to the tooth surfaces.

What are the Benefits of Gum disease treatment in San Diego?

Laser gum surgery reduces swelling, bleeding, and tissue damage associated with traditional gum surgery procedures, leaving more of the healthy gum tissue intact. It may also eliminate further gum disease treatment, such as gum surgery, and there’s no need for sedation during treatment. And finally, recovery and healing times may be significantly reduced compared to traditional treatment techniques.

Orange Family is offering the persuasive laser dentistry in San Diego. Our experienced and certified periodontists have helped several patients to overcome gum diseases without the use of traditional surgery in San Diego, CA. We assure you that you’ll get prodigious quality of services and feel comfortable and well-oriented in our friendly family environment.

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