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Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Diego

Our main aim at Orange Family Dentistry in San Diego is to help you reserve your teeth for a long time. However, in some conditions, tooth remains damaged even after repair or treatment, and hence tooth extraction is the only solution for this.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Diego

Wisdom teeth are third set of molars emerge in our late teens. The removal of wisdom teeth becomes essential in some conditions. In the majority of cases, impacted wisdom teeth cause pain because there is not enough space for it to erupt. They can cause tooth pain, infection, and even damage other teeth. Wisdom teeth usually do not contribute to chewing or smiling. That’s why the removal of wisdom teeth doesn’t create any major problems. The wisdom teeth removal usually involves surgical treatment. Therefore, it is imperative for our dentists at our San Diego Office, to assess and plan the best strategy before removing these teeth.

Tooth Extraction in San Diego

The main aim of our competent oral surgeons is to help you reserve your teeth for a long time. However, in some conditions, the tooth remains damaged even after repair or treatment, tooth extraction is the only solution for this. When a tooth or multiple teeth are taken out from your mouth, you have a tooth extraction. This is done to prevent another problem from occurring in your oral cavity. Our qualified dentists provide proper treatment and care to patients in need of teeth extraction.

Our dentists and staff utilize several techniques to make your tooth extraction as comfortable as possible without harming surrounding teeth. We will address all decisive factors with you during your general dental checkup appointment.

Tooth Extraction Cost

Wisdom tooth extraction is a severe surgical process, which varies with every tooth and persons. Some people have wisdom teeth that emerge and lineup without any problem. In most cases, however, the third set of molar doesn’t get enough space to emerge normally. It can range from being a simple tooth extraction to a complicated surgical extraction. That’s why tooth extraction cost depends on the oral condition of patients. Regular checkup enables our dentists to monitor the growth and emergence of your wisdom teeth.

Furthermore, it helps us to advise you about the complexity of the removal before starting the procedure. It is vital to restore a missing tooth after its removal. A missing tooth can lead to the movement or drifting of nearby teeth, which might then create an inconvenient domino effect.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

If you have awful tooth decay or infection, gum disease, teeth that are broken even after repair, acute or chronic abscess, and crowded teeth or impacted wisdom teeth, tooth extraction is an ace solution. You go from multiple sessions or a one-off session depending on the number of teeth that you will need to have unaddressed – this is something that you and the dentist will need to discuss.

How Are Tooth Extractions performed?

The tooth extraction is a relatively simple, safe, and straightforward procedure. Before pulling the teeth, a local anesthetic will be injected into your mouth to numb the area before the surgery begins. If you are squeamish, we assure you that you won’t feel any pain. The dentist will cut away gum and bone tissues to widen your tooth socket. After that, the dentist will rock the tooth back and forth gently to make it loose enough. So that it can remove easily.

After the completion of extraction, the dentist will close the socket with stitches, and you will be allowed to go home. You may need someone to stay with you after this procedure for the next 24 hours.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

A dental emergency does not come with ringing the bell. For any dental emergency, i.e., emergency tooth extraction calls us, we provide reliable services to our patients without blowing their budget. Our legitimate dentists ensure a smooth recovery and refreshingly easy experience for our patients and also instruct about home care after tooth extraction.

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