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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are considered to be the modern solution for replacing teeth. They offer many advantages over other tooth replacement options.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Advance treatment for missing and damage tooth:

  • What are the problems with dentures?
  • Who required dental implant?
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As medical science progress, replacing the teeth is not a problem due to advance dental implant technology. Dental Implant has a significant amount of benefits as compared to other conventional tooth replacement methods.

At Orange Family Dentistry, Dr. Tran offers a cheap but reliable treatment of missing and damage teeth in San Diego CA.

What do we mean by Dental Implant?

The Dental implants are a modern form of artificial tooth roots, looks like screws. This is a titanium post that anchored jawbone and works as a tooth root. Doctors recommend implants to hold & support a dental crown, bridge, and denture.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer many benefits. They:

  • Stops jawbones to deteriorate due to missing teeth for a long
  • Aesthetics improved dramatically, as it dental implant gives your teeth natural looks.
  • It literally acts as real teeth, enabling you to conduct a regular course of activities without any hurdles.
  • Dental implants are designed in such a way that they exactly fit the missing place and, there is no need to alter other adjacent teeth for adjustments like a dental bridge
  • Gaps due to missing teeth missing teeth cause accumulation of bacteria. A dental implant will prevent that damaging process.
  • As a final resort but, very durable and lasting tooth replacement option.

Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge?

This is a subjective matter, depends on the judgment of a dentist after considering patient condition. The dentist will consider a number of a factor before choosing the best option for you, for instance how much time has passed after you lost your tooth?

A dental bridge is suitable in situations in which at least three or more teeth are damage in series. So the for the single missing tooth other adjacent teeth alteration is also required by removing most of the enamel in order to adjust the bridge. That would make difficult for the patient to maintain their hygiene. So careful cleaning steps should be taken, according to strict hygienist instruction for cleaning at home.

On the other hand, dental implants can replace missing tooth without harming adjacent teeth. Also maintaining oral home hygiene is just like normal teeth, for instance, you can easily brush and floss. In most of the situation, dentists prefer dental implant because of the durability, aesthetics and easy to maintain hygiene.

More effective substitute to Dentures

Previously dentures were the sole option for missing teeth but. Still, now dentures are commonly used, but due to development in the field of implant dentistry, there are also more suitable options. Our price is very economical and, due to our installment options, you can get implant services at your budget. 

The drawbacks of Dentures

  • Dentures can cause jawbone deterioration because of low chewing pressure, the body absorbs the jawbone.
  • Upper dentures can be irritating and affect your taste sense.
  • The Chewing pressure with dentures would be 10% lower than of normal teeth, causing difficulty in eating.
  • Sometimes dentures can create awkward clicking sound at the while of eating.
  • To fix the dentures in the mouth it needs dental adhesives.
  • For cleaning, dentures need to be removed.

The problems caused by dentures and leaving teeth missing

Missing teeth cause 25% bone density loss within the 1st year, as the bones dissolve into the body. Unfortunately, this is a continuous process, if not attended. Surprisingly research shows that using dentures will accelerate the deterioration process of the bones by damaging gum’s boney ridges.

Not attending this problem in time cause people to look more aged before time. When you lose your jawbone density, you will ultimately suffer from deforming lower face. The prominent facial features include drooping mouth skin, floppy jowls, thinning of the lips and awkward pointed chin.

Implants will preserve your original chewing pressure and bone density by providing the best solution such as bridges and dentures that are supported by implants.

Who can benefit from the dental implant?

Previously people who lack sufficient bone density were unable to get dental implants treatment. Fortunately due to advancement in medical science and technology, bone grafting treatment and 3D imaging technology can enable the doctors to conduct precise dental implant treatments, irrespective of patient’s bone density.

Similarly, people who have certain health issues like diabetics or addiction to smoking was unable to get benefit from dental implant treatment due to the danger of spreading infection. Finally, advancement in dentistry enables doctors to handle complicated implant procedure safely and successfully.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

You are most welcome to visit our San Diego office to have free, but extremely valuable consultation about importance and advantages of dental implants from our expert dental surgeon. They will guide you best solutions for all your dental problems, considering your condition and budget.

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