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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionized artificial replacement for the root portion of your natural tooth that are anchored in your jaw bone to support a crown, a bridge or secure a denture, is not visible once firmly placed. Dental Implants are the ideal and most popular options for replacing missing teeth as they give an effective and long-term solution. In function and aesthetics, they are very similar to natural teeth.

Dental Implant is an advanced, highly skilled scientific surgical procedure, and the success of this treatment lies in the expertise of performing Implantologist. Not every licensed and certified dentist has experience of potential complications that can occur during surgery.

Dr. Tran and his California dentist team are highly experienced and have placed hundreds of dental Implants at a reliable cost in San Diego.

What are Implants?

Dental Implants are light weight and robust bio-compatible titanium screws that serve as a replacement of damaged/lost teeth roots. They are surgically placed into the jawbone beneath your gum to keep the implants in place. They are the basis of crowns and bridges and an effective solution for chronic dental problems.

Why Implants?

Dental implants promote confidence by providing a natural smile. It helps to prevent bone and tissue deterioration and jawbone atrophy by way of bone resorption due to lack of exercise stimuli. It helps to prevent undue or (relatively to other procedures) more stress on the remaining teeth. Dental implants give you permanent tooth replacement solution as they are designed to anchor into your jawbone just like natural tooth roots. They are usually made of durable and robust titanium, have a unique property of fusing to the jawbone and can even outlast natural teeth! Dental implants have the highest success rate in implanting surgery over the last decade. All the worldwide dentists recommend it as it is considered as a “Gold Standard” in tooth replacement.

Who are candidates for permanent Dental Implants?

Previously, too little bone would prevent people from having implants placed. Now, we have better bone grafting techniques to augment insufficient bones due to gum disease or missing teeth.

Patients, who were smokers or had certain health conditions, like diabetes, were considered too high with a risk for implants. Thanks to advancements in the science of dental implants, patients with these conditions can now be treated quite safely.

Lifespan and Success rate of an Implant?

With proper care, you’re looking at 25+ years of lifespan for implants. Dental implants are not required unless they become loose, decaying, and develop an infection or get otherwise damaged. Dental implants have a 95% success rate, subject to locations of the implant along with the health of your jawbone and gums and are also dependent on your age (younger the better) and lifestyle. Less than 10% of the people having implants need bone grafting procedures to strengthen their jawbone. The best time of an implant is right at or shortly after tooth extraction although patients who have had some time when they have lost their teeth can also get implants.

What can I expect from dental implant surgery?

The dental implant surgery is based on the condition of your jawbone and types of implants. In the procedure of dental implant surgeries, any unhealthy or damaged teeth are removed. If your jawbone is not strong enough for dental implants, you may receive a dental bone graft, which serves as a root for missing teeth. If your jawbone does not require a bone graft, Dr. Vinh Tran will place the metal implant into your jawbone to provide support to your new teeth. In most cases, your jaw will then heal until the bone properly bonds with the dental implant, and this is important to form a strong and stable foundation for dental implants. A few months after your first dental implant surgery, you will return to our office so that Dr. Vinh Tran can place an abutment. The final stage of your dental implant surgery will be when Dr. Vinh Tran puts your permanent crown or crowns.

Orange Family Dentistry is the best choice for dental implant and all-on-4 style teeth in San Diego CA. Our all-0n-4 dental implant teeth are most reliable as compared to dentures. We take quality seriously and have extensive knowledge and high experience in the area of dental implants. Our implant dentists are equipped with advanced technology to give you dental implant services at a cheap cost.

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