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Dental Bridges

At Orange Family Dentistry in San Diego, CA, our dignified dentists offer custom-made high-quality dental bridges made up of two or more crowns to restore your smile.
If you have missing teeth, please schedule an appointment to learn about your restoration options with a custom bridge.

Dental Bridges San Diego

When your teeth are missing, it may cause other teeth to shift. It may also cause extra stiffness when you bite, increased pain during chewing, or even trouble in speaking. A dental bridge implanted at our San Diego office renovates the appearance and health of your oral cavity by bridging spaces with a false tooth. Usually, the dentist supports these bridges either by dental implants, your natural teeth, or in some cases by a combination of both. It also helps the leftover teeth from itinerant out of position.

What materials are they made of?

Bridges are usually made from, but not limited to, Gold, Nickle chromium, resin veneered, fiber-reinforced composite, porcelain fused to metal, silica, alumina, or zirconia. Dr. Vinh will decide which material will suit best with your oral cavity need.

Dental Bridges Cost in San Diego

Dental Bridges cost depends upon which type of bridge suit you most, the number of missing teeth, and the material of the bridges. If you want to install dental bridges, then you can expect between $700 and $1500. Don’t scare off the price. Our well-experienced dentist also accepts payment plans for the convenient of their patients.

Why do I require Dental Bridges?

Dental Bridge is a prosthesis that protects other teeth from drifting out of position. The jawbone may shrink if you’ve missing teeth. Bridges re-adjusts the distribution of the bite force and realign the mouth-supporting jawbone. It helps to restore your speech and your smile. It provides proper chewing action to digest food.
Missing teeth or severely decayed teeth not only cause the appearance issue but also have a powerful impact on your oral health. Soon enough, a missing tooth may drift your teeth and also create a problem with your bite (underbite, crossbite, overbite). A dental Bridge needs strong surrounding teeth to restore jawbone density and healthy gums. Our expert dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw with advanced equipment. We’ll also help you to select the proper bridge (traditional, Maryland, cantilever, or resin bonded) and material (porcelain, ceramic, metal, and porcelain fused to metal) during the consultation.

What’s the Procedure?

Our certified dentist will first prepare the specified area by reducing the enamel to place the bridge appropriately. Then, we will take a dental impression for a proper fit and shape and sent it to the laboratory for manufacturing. If you have a strong gag reflex, we use anesthesia or sedation option, so you remain in comfort during the whole procedure. Then cement the bridge in the space of the missing teeth.
The bridges are connected either to adjacent teeth or by a dental implant and can also be affixed by dental bonding. The ‘anchoring’ teeth are called abutment teeth, and the tooth/teeth in between them are called Pontics. The component attached to the abutment that retains the prosthesis is called a Retainer.
What can I expect after the installation of the dental bridge San Diego?

After your dental bridge procedure, you will be able to enjoy food again as normal. Dental bridges are an ideal, long-lasting, and cost-effective tooth replacement option. It is very imperative to maintain good dental hygiene, including flossing and regular brushing, to reduce the chance of cavities developing. Additionally, routine dental exams with Dr. Vinh Tran can help detect the first signs of a cavity so that it can be corrected immediately with a high-quality dental bridge in San Diego, CA.

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