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Signature Orthodontic treatments include conventional braces, clear aligners, plates, and lingual braces, can take a tremendous amount of patience and commitment to achieve the initial goal. Once the treatment is completed most of the people forget about the most critical stages of their orthodontic treatment. As a result, their teeth continue to move and shift as they get older. So, it is incredibly essential to follow precautionary measures to ensure that your teeth have the best chance at remaining nice and straight.

Don’t become Couch Potato! Wear Your Retainer

Once you’ve completed your orthodontic treatment, Signature Orthodontics San Diego will issue you with a clear and removable retainer for the upper and lower jaw. After the completion of treatment, in starting first three months, you’ve to wear your retainer all the time whether it is day or night except when eating and drinking. These retainers will help you to keep your teeth in its position. After these three months, in your dental office appointment, our best cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth if there’s no movement in your teeth, will allow you to only wear your retainer at overnight.

Practice Good Oral hygiene

It is vital to keep your retainer clean. Brush and floss your teeth regularly twice a day whether you’ve got a fixed retainer or removable.

You can clean the removable retainer with the help of vinegar and water, or you can also use the denture cleaning tablets. Toothpaste is not recommended as it can scratch the soft plastic if retainer.

If you’re using a fixed retainer, then it is crucial to clean between the teeth and retainer properly to reduce the chance of cavities. A regular checkup at our Signature Orthodontics is also imperative to thorough check-up and removal of any tartar or plaque build-up.

Keep an eye out for shifting Teeth

If you wear a retainer all the time than it is impossible for teeth to shift. In case, if you feel any movement or shifting teeth, make an appointment with San Diego Orthodontics Specialist as soon as possible.

Don’t ignore it and leave it too long because it can lead to further Orthodontics treatments.

How long you will need a retainer?

Oral health of every person is different. Type of retainer and length of time depending on your oral problems. Cut to the chase. Based on your treatment and reaction of your teeth, your dentist will recommend how long you need to wear the retainer.

If you want to avoid braces then wearing removable retainer overnight is the best option to minimize change. Night retainer is also helpful for those who’ve got a habit of grinding and clenching teeth.

If you have cracked or broken, or worn dentition Lumineers Teeth restoration is a good idea. Lumineers act as shields for dents in your smile and any inconsistencies in color or texture. Listen carefully to your Signature Orthodontics San Diego recommendations during and after orthodontic treatment to gain healthy and strong teeth for the rest of life.

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