General Dentistry in San Diego, CA

General dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with primary dental care for all age groups. The procedures may range from restoring your teeth to solving minor dental concerns and also conducting dental check-ups and examinations to keep a check on your dental health. You may schedule an appointment with us in case of chipped, broken, cracked teeth, swollen or bleeding gums, pain in the teeth, etc. We will treat your condition with a suitable general dental procedure. 

What is the Importance of General Dentistry? 

  • General dental procedures help to preserve your natural teeth and healthy oral cavity. 
  • They are the best approachable option in case of dental emergencies. 
  • When you visit us for general dental procedures on time, you end up saving a lot of costs. 
  • General dental procedures ensure that your dental health is examined from time to time. 
  • These procedures restore your tooth functionality as well as appearance. 

What are the General Dental Procedures?

  • Dental Examinations 

We perform dental examinations and complete diagnostic tests to monitor your dental health. It includes carrying out a visual examination, taking X-rays or ultrasounds, and performing oral cancer screening. We will diagnose any dental issue you may be suffering from and provide further treatment. 

  • Dental Fillings 

Cavities are the most common dental problem, and people of all age groups may experience it. We treat this condition with dental fillings. The procedure involves using a composite resin material to fill the space after cleaning the infection or decay. Fillings restore your tooth functionality as well. 

  • Root Canal 

If the infection or decay has reached your dental pulp, we will perform root canal therapy. This surgical procedure ensures that you do not have to undergo tooth extraction. We will administer anesthesia so that you do not feel pain during any part of the procedure. This surgery is followed by dental fillings or crowns. 

  • Tooth Extraction 

If the decay in your teeth is so severe that even a root canal procedure cannot save it, you may need a tooth extraction. The procedure involves extracting the decayed or infected teeth, cleaning and disinfecting the area, and suturing it. 

  • Periodontal Therapy 

Periodontal or gum disease is becoming increasingly common today. If not addressed on time, the condition may worsen and even affect your overall health. We perform dental cleaning procedures such as scaling and root planing to clean the accumulation of tartar and plaque on your gums and stop the disease from advancing. 

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