Laser Gum Therapy in San Diego, CA

The use of lasers has been prevalent in many dental care services, and laser gum therapy happens to be one of them. Whether you want to improve your smile or keep gum diseases at bay, laser therapy is the best alternative to conventional invasive surgeries. Laser gum therapy is a gentle procedure that doesn’t require any stitches. It has minimal downtime. Hence, you can resume your daily activities quickly after getting your gums treated.

Laser gum therapy involves light energy to enhance your oral health. This method kills bacteria and stimulates bone growth around your existing teeth. We may use this therapy for various concerns such as gum disease, hypersensitivity, tooth decay, and gum reshaping.

What are the Benefits of Laser Gum Therapy?

  • Laser gum therapy is a less invasive procedure that doesn’t include pain or bleeding. 
  • It is widely used to treat gum disease, thus keeping your dental health in check.
  • Laser therapy is also used to treat your gummy smile.
  • The results provided by this therapy are precise. As there is no downtime, you recover faster.
  • Laser gum therapy is a safe and suitable procedure for all.

How Does Laser Gum Therapy Work?

This treatment makes use of powerful pinpointed light beams of thermal energy for performing multiple operations like cutting and removing your diseased gum tissues, coagulating blood vessels to form solid clots, and killing germs and bacteria from your gum tissues pockets. Laser gum therapy also helps to sterilize the infected area. It works by creating energy change in atoms.

What is the Procedure of Laser Gum Therapy?

  • We will place a fiber optic tip of the laser at the top of your periodontal pocket. The laser is as thick as the size of four human hairs.
  • This technology is designed to remove only the damaged tissues without harming the healthy part of your gums. This laser will use pinpointed light to remove all the inflamed and diseased gum tissues from your pocket. The use of a laser will also remove disease-causing bacteria and germs from your periodontal pockets.
  • After using the laser to remove the decay, we will use an ultrasonic cleaning tool to remove the tartar and calcifications from the site of surgery.
  • We will use the laser once again to clean the pockets and eliminate debris.
  • The use of a laser will stimulate the formation of a blood clot to speed your healing and help the gum tissue reattach to your teeth.

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