Porcelain Crowns in San Diego, CA

A dental crown is a permanent, custom-made restoration for your chipped, broken, fractured, or cracked teeth. They are hollow tooth-shaped caps that we place on your natural teeth to enhance their appearance and restore functionality. When attached into place, crowns cover the entire visible portion of your teeth lying above the gum line. 

Besides treating chipped or cracked teeth, dental crowns are also used during procedures like root canal therapy and dental implants. We may also use them for cosmetic procedures to cover your severely discolored teeth. Crowns are made in various materials – ceramic, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, zirconia, etc. Porcelain crowns are the most sought-after form of restoration. 

What are the Benefits of Porcelain Crowns?

  • Porcelain crowns can be customized according to the shape and size of your teeth to offer a seamless appearance. 
  • Unlike other materials, they are resistant to stains and discoloration. 
  • Modern porcelain crowns ensure a snug fit and are comfortable to wear. 
  • Porcelain crowns offer your teeth protection from all sorts of damages. 
  • They do not demand any specialized upkeep. You are merely required to practice regular oral hygiene. 
  • Porcelain crowns are strong and durable, lasting for 10-15 years. 
  • They are a safe and effective restorative treatment option. 

What are the Applications of Porcelain Crowns? 

  • Protection of a tooth after root canal therapy. 
  • Adding length and width to your misshapen teeth. 
  • Helping to hold a bridge or dentures in place. 
  • Improving the appearance of your discolored filling. 
  • Covering a dental implant.

How are Porcelain Crowns Applied? 

Before starting the treatment, we will carry out your dental examination. We will perform an X-ray and check your teeth thoroughly for damage such as decay or infection. If your teeth are infected, we will perform root canal surgery, followed by the application of porcelain crowns. 

If you do not have infection or decay, we will directly start with the application of crowns. We will take the impressions of your teeth and send them to the dental lab for the creation of porcelain crowns. Such impressions ensure that the crown fits perfectly and matches your remaining teeth. In the meantime, we will attach a temporary crown in place. 

On the final appointment, we will remove the temporary crown and bond a permanent porcelain crown in place. Any further adjustments will be made. You will be given instructions to follow proper oral hygiene to maintain your crowns in the long run. 

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