Root Canal Treatment in San Diego, CA

Root canal therapy is used to restore and save your badly decayed or infected teeth. We perform this procedure when your teeth are severely infected, and such infection reaches your tooth pulp. Your tooth pulp comprises nerves and blood vessels that strengthen your teeth. The treatment involves removing the decay, cleaning it, and sealing the site to prevent reinfection. 

Root canal therapy saves your teeth from extraction. Many people fear the procedure because they assume it to be painful. However, we administer general anesthesia and ensure no pain or discomfort is caused throughout the treatment. 

When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment? 

  • When there is severe pain while chewing or biting your food. 
  • When you develop small blisters on your gums. 
  • You may need a root canal in case of cracked or chipped teeth. 
  • We may also suggest this treatment if you feel lingering sensitivity to hot or cold foods. 
  • You may also need to opt for this procedure in case of swollen, tender, or darkening of the gums. 

How is Root Canal Performed? 

  • We will start with taking X-rays of the site of the surgery. The area will be numbed with a numbing agent, after which we will place a dental dam in your mouth to isolate your teeth from the rest of your mouth. 
  • We will make a small cut through your teeth to access the pulp chamber and root canal. With the use of dental instruments, we will clean the area. We will also use an antibacterial and antiseptic solution to clean and disinfect your canal. This step eliminates all the bacteria and treats the infection. 
  • The next step involves placing a filling in your root canal. We will shape the area to prepare it to receive the filling material. We will clean the canals once again. 
  • A material called gutta-percha will be used to fill the space. We place this rubber-like material inside your canal. We will also seal the hole made to access the root canals. The filling prevents the bacteria from entering your teeth. In some cases, we may also use other restorations like dental crowns.
  • After the procedure, we will prescribe you some antibiotics to kill the rest of the infection. You will also be given instructions to follow for a few days after the surgery. Do not eat anything hard, and do not chew from the site of the surgery. Avoid brushing the treated area too rigorously. 

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