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You visited your doctor, and he suggested to get your wisdom teeth removed. The very first question that pops in your mind is that they are not causing any problem or pain, then why should they get removed?

Wisdom teeth are the third molar set in the back of the mouth that most people get in their teens or early twenties. They can be useful if healthy and grown fully erupted.

But most of the time, this is not the case. Wisdom teeth are mostly unaligned and grown at different angles in the jaw. They grow horizontally instead of growing straight and remain under the gum line impacting other teeth as well. This can cause swollen gums, cavities, bacteria production, and provoke severe pain. So, it is preferable to get your wisdom teeth removed in time to avoid any future problems.

Some people say that getting your wisdom teeth removed is just a waste of time. Many others think that wisdom teeth technically perform no function. So, getting rid of them is no such deal. To avoid any future complications, some doctors may suggest getting them removed before they start causing problems because wisdom teeth eventually end up creating issues.

Many people think that wisdom teeth removal is a time taking and painful procedure that requires a long recovery. However, the latest technology and techniques have made wisdom teeth removal easier, simpler, and speedier.

When is the right time to get your wisdom teeth removed?

There is no specific age to get your wisdom teeth removed. Some people get their wisdom teeth in their early teens or early twenties, while some get them in their late thirties or forties. Many dentists believe that getting your wisdom teeth removed at a younger age is better because bones and roots are not fully formed, and the recovery process is faster at this age.

Is wisdom tooth removal risky? 

Upper wisdom teeth are easier to remove as compared to lower wisdom teeth. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete this process. Gums might need to be cut down a little to reveal the tooth, partitioning the tooth with a drill.

There is no such risk in wisdom teeth removal. Bleeding and swelling can occur around the neck or mouth area for a short period. Patients can get back to their healthy life within a day or two after the surgery.


What happens when wisdom teeth are not removed on time?

  • Crowdy teeth:

If wisdom teeth are not removed on time, they may damage and crowd the nearby teeth causing swelling and bleeding.

  • Cysts formation:

When kept in for a longer time, wisdom teeth can form cysts. These cysts can be very painful and might result in permanently damaging bones and roots.

  • Cavities:

The risk of getting cavities to become more significant as it is hard to floss or brush the back part of your mouth. And when proper hygiene is not maintained, cavities and gum diseases are most likely to attack.

  • Deformation:

When wisdom teeth do not get enough space to come properly, they may grow at the wrong angle. It leads to the deformation of the jaw, making teeth dislocate abnormally in upward, forward, or backward direction.

  • Infections:

Food particles get stuck between the gums and impacted teeth due to the partial eruption of wisdom teeth. This can cause a condition known as pericoronitis, an infection that promotes bacteria growth and causes tooth decay.

The decision to get your wisdom teeth removed is not that easy. If you require any wisdom teeth removal in San Diego, give us a call and make an appointment at our orange family dental clinic. Our specialists can help you in solving your dental problems.

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