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April 13, 2019 1

Wisdom Teeth Removal is one of the top-rated services provided by Orange Family Dental. Wisdom Teeth or third molars that come in back, usually erupt at the aging between 18 to 25. Most people have four wisdom teeth. They’ve earned the name “wisdom teeth” because of their late appearance than the other permanent teeth, when you become wiser then you were as a child.

Wisdom teeth are mostly removed due to

  1. Lack of room that can cause shifting to the surrounding teeth,
  2. Partially eruption
  3. Grow in the wrong direction (misaligned).

They are most likely to become impacted, infected, poorly positioned, and decayed.

If you or your family member requires Wisdom Tooth Removal in San Diego, consider setting up an appointment at Orange Family Dentistry. Here, our compassionate dentist fulfills your entire oral care needs.

Wisdom teeth facts and statistics

  • 90 % of Americans have one impacted wisdom tooth, and
  • 12% of wisdom teeth cause infection if not removed.
  • 85% of people have to need to be removed from their wisdom teeth.

According to a rough estimation, 5 million Americans undergo wisdom tooth extraction every year. If your wisdom teeth are causing no issues and pain, and have enough room in your mouth then no need to have them removed.

What can go wrong with wisdom teeth?

If your wisdom tooth has no enough space to erupt, then it may cause gum tissue to grow over them. The flap can trap food and cause gum infection. Wisdom teeth can cause severe pain if they come in the crooked or wrong direction.  The poorly positioned impacted tooth can lead to jaw stiffness or severe pain near the tooth. The erupted wisdom tooth may cause pressure on surrounding teeth and disrupt orthodontic or natural alignment. They are so far back in your mouth and difficult to clean at home.

What are the symptoms of wisdom tooth problem?

Unhealthy wisdom teeth often slated to be removed. Our San Diego dentists will examine you to determine if your wisdom tooth is healthy and properly positioned. However, if they’re impacted or erupted incorrectly then we recommend to have them extracted as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing the following problem at home, we recommend you to schedule an appointment with us for Tooth Extraction.

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Tumors
  • Infection
  • Gum disease
  • Cysts
  • Tooth decay
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Bad taste when you bite down on food
  • Damage to surrounding teeth.

Oral Examination

Dr. Tran will evaluate the position of wisdom tooth with an oral examination and X-rays of the mouth. If your wisdom tooth surgery is necessary, then the best way is to remove it to prevent crowding and future plagues.  The wisdom tooth removal cost in San Diego will bang you for the buck.

The procedure of wisdom tooth extraction

In most cases, removal of wisdom tooth procedure is performed in local anesthesia. Our orthodontists will discuss surgical risks such as sensory nerve damage or sinus complication with you before the surgery is performed. Once your wisdom teeth are removed, the gum is sutured—then a gauze will be placed in your mouth to control bleeding.

Many people assume that getting San Diego wisdom teeth removal is a long and painful procedure that requires a long term recovery. It’s all wet. Don’t hear on the grapevine. Modern techniques and methods have to make wisdom teeth removal much more comfortable and less painful than ever.

Need your wisdom teeth removed in San Diego? Get Low-cost wisdom teeth removal at Orange Family Dental. We use the most safest and sophisticated methods to ensure that our patient wisdom tooth is completely removed. To set an appointment call us at (619)280-4861.

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